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I'll Have What She's Having October 29- November 19, 2011
This body of work was an investigation of the thin line between admiration and jealousy among women. I attempted to explore this area and where it can be found in myself, where and when do I want to have what "she's having"? As I looked closer I found more often than not I was jealous of the outer limits of other women's lives, the parts they show the public. And I usually found myself, naively thinking the grass is greener on the other side, not taking into consideration the work, pain, love, tears and strength that these women carry with them from day to day. Hoping to embody this strength for myself and my own journey I also explore my own ever fluctuating thoughts on subjects like, spirituality, inner shadows, relationships and healing. This process has brought me one step closer to becoming my own beholder and gaining a gentle compassion for myself.