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In searching for a remedy I have found my whole life. I must get a new hobby.
I thought about this way too much and did way too little.
The downside to things for me is now.
My claim to fame is niceness, I think I need a do-over.
My limitations seem to be catching up to me. Hmmph.
I am shooting for jubilation.
My latent musical talent is keeping me up at night.
The movies can't even touch my dreams.
Embracing luminosity and sending love to my shadow.
I could've done better then, that is why I must do better now.
Not too shabby.
I'm glad to know we would be friends if we knew each other now.
Someone show me in a dream, how to pray, that's how I know.
I really am healing, this really is helping.
I realize I am not the only one trying to figure this whole thing out. Then I breathe.
If you've read this far you are a hero to me.
I leave you with hope, cause I have it.


IHWSH Manifesto
IHWSH Manifesto
Ink on paper